Man of the Week


We all have a celebrity crush that we fantasize about and mine is none other than Football player for Kansas City Chiefs Larry Johnson!

I am not obsessed, I am not one to be fanatic about regular people that happen to be famous. But I am in love!! I think he is extremely handsome, he has a beautiful smile, his body is built perfectly and he has impeccable style! Ha!


He has a bad rep in the media by having assault charges pressed against him from women. But I am not one to judge, like I said previously about Chris Brown we should focus on their professional life more than their personal. We all make mistakes…we are human beings, we can’t go on bashing another person for their mistakes when we have made many of our own.


Anyway, he is a Running Back. I don’t know much about football but I like to watch him play! He has been active for six years and for the past two years he hasn’t been performing at his best due to being unhappy with his position in the team and wanting to be traded so he can be done with the Chiefs. I hope he comes back this year stronger and prove to everyone that his heart is still in it and that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


He is friends with Jay Z and is part of the Rocawear family. I actually first saw a picture of him – that I included on the side – with Jay Z and of course googled him and from then on I have been in love!

I just love a man that plays and watches sports. I am a girly girl but I am also the type of of girl that would prefer to watch sport center with him and play video games then go out. Just something about a man that is competitive and athletic is infatuating.

There aren’t many pictures of him because athletes tend to be out of the limelight and aside from pictures of them playing, there are only appearance pictures that don’t really come out clear, a lot or good.

So, all I can do is dream of LJ! What do you guys think?


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