We all know a ‘Loose Girl’


I love to read a good book every now and then. I am not into fiction, mystery or horror. I love auto-biographies, memoirs and self help books. Just like music I love to read a book I can connect to.

A few days ago I was at Barnes & Noble and looking around I saw a book titled “Loose Girl”. I read the back and I just had to buy it.

“Loose Girl” by Kerry Cohen is a book that every woman needs to know about. It’s about how we yearn to be loved but look in the wrong places to fill up our void within.

Review of the book:

We have all seen those girls at bars and parties, the ones who flaunt themselves around. The ones everybody calls whores and sluts. Maybe you look at them with disgust. Maybe with pity or empathy. Maybe, if you’re like one of the guys in Cohen’s story, you look at them with lust. Whatever it is you think when you see a promiscuous girl, this book will change your mind forever.

Loose Girl holds nothing back. Cohen writes about her journey with heart-breaking honesty and detail that will make you cringe. The recount of sexual incidents during her childhood and adolescence is melancholy and at times very disturbing. As she continues on through high school and college, making the same mistakes over and over, the story becomes downright agonizing. The last section reads like day turning from afternoon to dusk, or perhaps late night becoming dawn. Every chapter holds new truths. She answers questions that can’t be answered–questions about why we are the way we are, what it means to love and be loved. There is a part where she realizes “Not being able to live without someone is not love. It’s need.” Quotes like this make the book unforgettable.

It’s about identity. Kerry’s sexual promiscuity could have been anything. It could have been alcohol, drugs, religion, or whatever else people let get in their way of creating their art and their life. Kerry’s favorite quote is by Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?” In telling her chaotic story, she’s not begging for attention to her life, she’s helping us figure out ours. The writing truly touches on all fronts, it would be a huge mistake to assume otherwise.

Loose Girl is a well focused look at one woman’s journey through insecurity, dysfunction and unhappiness. This is a life-changing memoir that you’ll want to read over and over.

I bought it last Thursday and I am already finished. I didn’t want to put this book down. I know I will read it over again.

It’s only $15 and it’s a great book. I definitely recommend it. Do you guys have any good books that you recommend? I’d love to know, I’ll be doing this more often. I am starting a new book titled “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert.


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