I am not goo goo gaga over Lady Gaga

I love when people have their own style and are fearless when it comes to fashion. You have to be your own self, set your own trends and not care what other people think. But sometimes too much is just too damn much.


Personally, I don’t like Pop Star Lady GaGa’s style nor do I see anything special about her music, so I don’t get what the hype is about her..maybe I am missing something. For some strange reason her style is influencing fashion designers and other artists to step out the box and be just as daring. I think its all about wanting attention.


There’s a difference with having your own style and looking like a fool with outrageous getup’s. Take Solange Knowles, Kanye West and Rihanna such as, they are always marching to their own drums when it comes to fashion, they have set trends because it can relate to other viewers. Its not wacky, it’s edgy, fun and playing with colors. Their style is the new generation, taking it to a further level. As for Gaga, her choice of clothing it’s..just to much and its ridiculous. There are other ways to try to express yourself and go crazy and have fun with your outfits and she’s doing it the wrong way. She makes it’s hard to keep a “Poker Face” while watching her endlessly wacky tacky, outrageous wardrobe choices!




Are you dolls with me? There were a lot more of these hideous outfits but I kept it simple, something she should learn! Please let me know what you guys think!! Am I the only one that is missing something special about her music and fashion choices?



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