Think mini, go pink!


As I have mentioned before I recently got a new net book and I am in love with it! I wanted to share it with you dolls and let you know what I think about it incase you guys are interested in buying a new lap top.

I defiantly suggest the Toshiba net book NB205. It’s 10 inches – not big but not small its the perfect fit – and the battery lasts up till 9 hours without charging. I watched two movies on Itunes and I still had 85% battery left! It doesn’t have a portable disc so you have to buy one but you won’t need it if you buy videos on Itunes…and download music on lime wire ;). It is sooooo light, you can even put it inside your purse! It is the best to travel with and use in class rooms. It comes with Skype already installed and it also comes with a built in video, mic and camera. The keyboard is different than any other lap top I have seen, it has space and it is easier to type. The keys are spaced perfectly and they are also the perfect size with a smooth texture to them. The power button also encompass a light that can be used as a “lamp” when using the netbook in the dark. The light allows you to see all the keys on the keyboard. The webcam is great. I haven’t actually “used” it yet, but I have activated it to see how clear the reception is. The HDD’s ability to capture and protect the hard drive from destruction if it is dropped or bumped too hard, is another amazing feature.

What I don’t like is the speaker is very inadequate, the earphone jack works well. The Wireless setup was a pain. I wish it had a dedicated switch. I had to call customer service to figure out how to turn the wireless on.

I have had it for a week now and I love it so far. I saw it on best buy and had to order it online. The cost and including tax it only came out to $435!!! I had to get it in pink! Its so girly and I love it!

Click on the link to check it out on best buy and to read about all its features.

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