Video of the Day

Hey dolls!

I recently went to Beyonce’s concert in Madison Sqaure Garden on June 22. I took a a bunch of pictures and videos but my lap top crashed! I bought a new one but I am still going to fix my old one so I can retrieve all my old pictures, files, music and writings! It’s expensive but I just have to, I cherish all my pictures that I have had saved for eight years and all my writings that I have poured out my heart and soul onto over the years.

Doesn’t it suck when your computer crashes and you aren’t prepared and everything you had saved and cherished is gone?! Has it happened to you? With my new lap top I am going to be prepared, I bought an externall hard drive and I am going to save everything!!

Anyway, I recently came across this video of Beyonce at her concert on June 1st, a week after I went to it in NY. It’s a tribute to the late Michael Jackson and it is just beautiful. Michael was the greatest entertainer to have ever lived and Beyonce is the greatest entertainer alive! No one can come close to her, she is taking over our generation.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Video of the Day

    1. Hey! Thanks for coming on my site and taking the time out to read my posts and more importantly leaving me feed back! But, this video is from you tube. As I mentioned my lap top crashed and I am fixing it to retrieve the videos and pictures I took of her at the concert…and trust me, the videos I took…are horrible! lol As soon as I get it back with my hard drive retrieved, I’ll still post up the videos, so we can laugh about it. You hear me singing and the camera is moving in so many directions! BUt the person that shot the video of her concert did do a great job and you are right it was great for viewing! Thanks for visiting, please come back and leave me comments!

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