Flawless Fashionista; Jennifer Lopez



“Jennifer epitomizes my love of the modern jet-set woman–today’s answer to Elizabeth Taylor glamour, circa Butterfield 8, all dipped in tones of honey, caramel, and camel.”- Michael Kors


“She can transform into this stylish, aristrocratic beauty reminiscent of Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette but at the same time is very down-to-earth and very relatable.”— Georgina Chapman [Marchesa designer]


“I wanted to glamorize a moment with two women sitting down and having a good, long chat, which is what happens in reality every time I see Jennifer.”— Donatella Versace


“What makes Jennifer unique is her total acceptance of her femininity.” – Diane von Furstenberg


No quote given from desginers, Dolce & Gabbana


“Jennifer loves beautiful things and it’s through that appreciation that she has cultivated her look.” – Brian Atwood


“Jennifer’s Latin flair and her extraordinary sense of self come across in everything she wears” – Oscar de la Renta


No quote given from designer – Karl Lagerfield for Chanel

I love and adore Jennifer Lopez. She always looks so effortlessly chic, flawless and stunning. This was my favorite cover shoot of all time, the magazine came out last year but I loved it so much that I thought it would be interesting to do a post about it. I have the magazine displayed on my coffee table in my room. I am definitely going to be talking about her in a later post.

If your interested in reading the article, check it out here:


What do you guys think of her? Let me know who is your favorite fashionista.



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