I was on Kourtney Kardashian’s website and was reading a post of her explaining why Kate Moss is her fashion favorite. As she was talking about what she loves about Kate Moss, I loved what she wrote about fashion in general. See what she had to say…


“We all get in fashion “ruts” where we find ourselves wearing the same things again and again. I like having inspiration that I can pull from, so that I do try new things. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope, check yourself sometimes and think about what you have been dressing like, and always reevaluate it. Always have fun with fashion!”

I feel the same way as her! She’s totally right and couldn’t have said it in a better way.

Check it out her site, http://officialkourtneyk.celebuzz.com/

Who is your favorite Kardashian sister? I love each of them, they all have their own personality and style. But what I love about Kourtney she is quiet, she is about the business not the fame, unlike her other two – especially Kim K. that loves the publicity but ends up looking desperate and pathetic with all her continuous attempt for the paparazzi and media. Anyway, what do you guys think? Let me know!




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