The Bryant’s, style and beauty


Kobe Bryant and his beautiful wife Vanessa Bryant attended the ESPY awards in L.A last night. For those that don’t know the ESPY’s is an award show honoring athletes. It will air on July 19th on ESPN.

Vanessa always looks amazing. She is a beautiful woman and she hardly ever disappoints when she is strutting the red carpet alongside her hubby or seen court side cheering him on. But last night was not a good look for her!

ESPY Awards Arrivals

The top of the pantsuit was to tight and it was not flattering at all. She has a very nice figure and she should have complimented her body. I don’t like cut off dresses or shirts and I don’t get why they are in style, so over all I have to give it a thumbs down. Her chest looks like they are suffocating! So ladies listen, if you want to show cleavage, that’s fine but make sure it’s not too much that it is popping out or that its being tucked in tightly like Vanessa’s. It’s not appealing at alllll!

As for Kobe…the man can never have a bad day! He fits the description of tall, dark and handsome! He has a beautiful smile and impeccable style. He looked very dapper and adorable with his grey, white and black ensemble. I love it when the suit looks fitted on a man and when they aren’t afraid to play with colors. I loved what he wore, he sure knows how to wear a suit the right way!

They are both very very good-looking, they are beautiful together and they always compliment each other well. But last night was not Vanessa’s night. But it’s okay, no one can look good all the time! We all have our days. While on the topic of the Bryant’s, I don’t know why she gets bad a rep in the media and is known to be a bitch, she stood by her husbands side, she loves him and I don’t blame her for not breaking up her family for over one cheating mistake in 2003 that became public, where the girl attempted to get fame and fortune. Vanessa has every right to be protective over her family and outspoken when lies are being told. I am on team Vanessa!


I also added a beautiful family portrait of the Bryant’s, it was when Kobe was honored the MVP award last year. On a sad note, Vanessa suffered a miscarriage recently. But on the positive side, God has blessed them with two beautiful little girls! They are adorable!


What do you guys of what I had to say? Agree, disagree? Let me know!

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