Rihanna’s Style


“I love to play to both sides of my personality – the girlie and the tough. That’s what makes my style different.” – Rihanna

If there was ever a closet I’d love to raid it would be Rihanna’s. I love how she transformed herself into someone different from the regular pop star. I have to admit I cringe a little bit of envy when I see her pictures, I always love what’s she is wearing! She is living every girls dream with her fabulousity! She wears the outfits from the designer runway shows just to strut the street walk, not only for red carpet events!

I love her style, it’s feminine with a twist. She is one of the few that can pull anything off. I don’t like short hair on women, but I have seen her with both long and short and I would say that the short hair looks best on her.

Whether she is dressed up or down she is always picture perfect. She has the “rocker chic” look down to a tee. I love how she plays with colors, patterns, and mixes different elements together. Her stylist Lysa Cooper says, ‘There’s nothing she won’t do or try once. She has no fear of being criticized. She’s creative, youthful, risky…and fun. We can’t forget fun!’ She sets trends instead of follow them, her fashion sense is what separates her from the rest.



I can have my whole blog dedicated to her style! It was hard to select a few picks, but the pictures that are  scattered here are a few of my favorite looks I have seen her in. Do you admire her style as much as I do? Which is you’re favorite look that I chose? I can’t even pick one, I love them all!





(Can you believe that in the first picture above, she’s wearing a white Balmain exaggerated shoulder top & it costs $2,320!!)

Damita Ro

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