Look of the week

I have decided to include a Look of the Week every Friday.
I hope you will enjoy it!


The look of the week goes to Beyonce. She wore the sparkling Balmian dress to the red carpet for her movie premiere in NYC on April 23.

I love it. I love when short dresses have the corset tight look on the chest and waist and that extenuate the hips, and her dress fits her perfectly. Her make up looks good, but I would’ve gone a little bit more dramatic with smokey eyes since she went with the natural face tone. I don’t like her white and black Lorianne Schwartz bracelet, I would’ve gone without any jewelry since the dress is bold. But I would’ve put up the hair in a curly pony tail.



I also love the ruffles around the hips and the sequence on the waist, it is detailed beautifully but…just when you thought her dress was done and checking out her Christian Louboutin shoes, you notice a train on her left side. What is up with that? It didn’t ruin her outfit, a dress that beautiful couldn’t be ruined but the train just didn’t belong. I don’t hate it but I really don’t like it!

If the dress wasn’t short, the train would have had a place to be included. It would have even been a hit for an Oscars gown if it was longer. But regardless ‘Sasha’ still looks fierce!

Do you agree or disagree with me?

Damita Ro


2 thoughts on “Look of the week

  1. if you can look at this dress on beyonce and keep a straight face, i commend you. it’s way too tight, too busy, and too short.

    1. I totally agree with you ‘Dirtygurl’, it is too tight. BUT, it is a beautiful dress. Although I’m sure the corset is making it hard for her to breathe in and out, her curves look amazing! It’s short, but I think she pulled it off. The only time I couldn’t keep a straight face was when I was trying to figure out what was the damn train is doing down there!

      Thank you for visiting my site, and I appreciate your insight. I hope you come back soon! XOXO

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