Acne, why won’t you disapear?

The topic of acne, we don’t like to talk about it but that doesn’t make it go away! I’ve had a rare bad month with my face. The more I keep stressing about it the less it goes away! Usually when I do get acne, it’s never really that bad. I get it for a few days and it goes away when my visitor does as well but this past month has been an odd one. I noticed a huge change when I started to use an off the counter skin care treatment…

DO NOT BUY CLEAN & CLEAR TAKE ADVANTAGE THREE PACKAGE ACNE TREATMENT! I repeat, do not buy it! It’s made up of salicylic acid and it’s just horrible. I initially bought it because I read good things about it that I figured why not try it. But I learned the hard way that everyone’s skin is different, mine happens to be very sensitive. It comes in a little box and it has three tubes; large, medium and small. It’s a three-step process. When I first tried it my face was burning but I figured that it’s a good thing for your face to burn, that means the chemicals are working! Right? Well I was not right

I used it every night for two weeks and my face kept getting worse. My skin started to get dry and swollen. Then I figured maybe the medicine is working its way deep within my pores to get everything out to prevent future break outs. Wrong again.

I told a friend about it when I first bought it and she ended up buying it and it happened to her also! I felt bad telling her about it, I offered to pay her back the $20 but she just told me that she’ll never listen to me again…I don’t blame her. Also another friend of mine was telling me how she tried it a while ago and how it ruined her face also! She told me to stop using it, stop washing my face every single night and morning and to let my face breathe and relax. So I did. It’s been about two weeks now and my face is finally getting better.

I’ve seen a big improvement in my skin now that I stopped using off the counter skin care treatments. Also helpful is that I make sure that I remove my make up every night with Biore’ wipes (sometimes I also use baby wipes!) and I put Cataphyll or MAC moisturizer before I apply makeup and I make sure that all my makeup has SPF 15, oil free and minerals in them.

Update I went to my Dermatologist recently and he prescribed to me antibiotics, he told me that it’s not a case of reoccurring acne but it’s cystic bumps that occurs from stress and an allergic reaction to the medicine I used (from above). So I’m on it now and I really feel that my face is getting smoother.

Do you guys have any special remedies that you use that works? My eye brow specialist and a few of my married friends have told me that having sex is the only cure because of what it does to your hormones…too bad I’m going to have to wait till marriage to see if it’s true! =]

Damita Ro

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