Hi Dolls!


Hi dolls! Thanks for visiting my site, welcome to my world! What is Damita Ro? Well, one day I was reading something online and I read Janet Damita Jo Jackson. The word Damita would not get out of my head, my nickname is Ro, and so one day Damita Ro just popped up! My career goal is to open clothing boutiques. I’ve already named them Damita Ro, without its existence!

I believe that my dreams will come true, I just have to work hard to reach for it. After I get my Bachelors and Masters Degree, I know in my heart my vision of running successful boutiques will happen. I always wanted to do Fashion Design but it’s hard to get into and it’s tough out there with all the aspiring fashionistas. But the industry is huge, there’s so much you can do to feed you’re hunger for your passion. After college I plan to intern for a fashion company and after that become a merchandise buyer for a brand. I also want to get in the mix of styling, styling for a fashion magazine for photo shoots or celebs. I want to gain knowledge in every aspect of this industry. Either way, whatever it is in the fashion world, I’m sure I will find comfort and happiness, besides I don’t know how to love anything else. Hopefully, Damita Ro will become a reality and maybe it can expand to something bigger than just a dream…I’m a dreamer and a believer. There are stars shooting every night at the sky and one day soon as I wish upon a star, I will catch mine and make my dreams come true.

How did the blog come about? I’ve realized that my obsession with writing has been a lot more intense than usual. Since I was eight years old, I have been a fan of jotting things down on pen and paper. I asked my cousin how to make a blog and he told me about Word Press. I just wanted a place where I can right my thoughts away. I have run out of space on Microsoft word, my note application on my Black Berry and my email account!

Check back often, I’ll be talking about fashion trends, what’s in and what’s out. Even talk about my thoughts, post up quotes, music and my opinion on things. I love to write so I won’t be stopping! I think I’ll be using this site and let my mind wander, even if no one reads this and if I don’t attract a following. I’m not an expert on anything but sometimes another person’s perspective can be helpful. Either way, it will still be a cool place for me to express my thoughts and keep myself entertained!

What do you see in your future? What are some of your dreams that you will do anything you can to make reality? And are you going to keep coming back on here? I hope so!
Just remember, work hard and finish school. It sounds cliché but its true; don’t EVER give up on your dreams. No matter what! Pinky swear?

Please note, everything that is written here is from the editor’s perspective. Whatever information used from a website or an article, will be cited. Also, if you happen to find any editing mistakes, please tell me. We are all students and learn something new every day!

Damita Ro


One thought on “Hi Dolls!

  1. You will be the best in all that you do. you ar ea survivor and a strong woman who gets what she wants. You dreams will come true!!!!!!!!

    Follow your heart after all the dream starts in the heart !!!!!!!

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